In the days leading up to the last Australian Celtic Festival, Skye and I were both recovering from really nasty colds, we went up to Crofters' Cottage for a bit of a practice in the open air and a coffee. Shortly after we started, we were filmed for a segment on Prime news, then just after that a small busload of tourists (about 20) arrived for a quick lunch. We carried on playing and over the next 1/2 hour they bought 8 of our cd's and one chap wrote a poem for us which he just slipped to us quietly and vanished. Here it is with our thanks to "whoever you are!"

Music from faraway places (unknown - apr 2009)
A poem dedicated to Spirit of the Glen

Within sight of the Australian Standing Stones
a couple are playing a tune
Its melodies soothe our souls
it brings memories
and thoughts of faraway places
It turns a hectic day into a peaceful interlude
It captures the soul, the spirit, the connections of two lands far apart

From across vast oceans and lands to a new begining came many
from the country where this tune originated
they embraced their new land as their own
bringing the richness of their culture with them
Through music, through spirit, through connection
they unite us all

So it be within sight of a monument that we hear
the beautiful music from faraway places

PS - We are grateful to the Royal Scots DG for naming their highly successful bagpipe CD after us - We're thinking of reciprocating!

Stuff we never tire of hearing!

  • "You should be playing at the National" - Alan Hunter, President Uranquinty Folk Festival
  • "you two were sensational"
  • Other, well-versed folkies at Quinty just adored your harmonies, and i agree, again well done, and i hope to have the privilege of hearing and perhaps ..if lucky playing with y'all sometime in the future.
  • i loved the diversity of the songs and tunes, a really good blend of sounds, good choice of songs, it caters to a whole range of musical tastes, and with the mix of instruments and influences, its a credit to you both.
  • You guys are great... I played your cd 6 times the hair on the back of my neck settles from hearing Advance, i bid you a good night.
  • You have the ability to leave a positive legacy to this planet, do what you do and with passion, as i can see you already have
  • "You went down a storm with the audience."
  • "Spirit of the Glen has fascinated me since we saw and heard you two, one day I hope to once again be at one of your concerts"
  • "Disc arrived intact today and we are so pleased with it."
  • "I wanted to write and thank you properly for your superb contribution on Saturday. "
  • "Good on you Skye and Col."
  • "I have written to ..... and told them what a class act you were."
  • "you guys rock!
  • "That last song (Briar and the Rose) blew me away!"
Spirit of the Glen entertain at International Women's Day 2009
Photo by Tim Hughes - Editor, Glen Innes Examiner

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