Marie's Bleedin' Wedding

Lyrics Col Pike, May 2009. Tune: Marie's wedding (trad)


Bagpipes are gregarious - (F)
they like to gather and hunt in packs (Gm C7)
and when they do their favourite tune is (F)
maries bleedin weddng (Bb Gm C7)


Plug your ears and here we go
puff and pant and squeeze and blow
round and round the endless sound
of maries bleedin wedding

Bagpipes, rabbits and cane toads
they're in the fields theyre on the roads
they're in the bush and under rocks
they'll breed when you're not looking


Bagpipes live on beer and scotch
look and and see and listen and watch
once you turn your backs on them
they'll drink you dry and rob you


Concord, earthquake, nuclear blast
nails on blackboards, or on glass
nothing has the same effect
as a thousand feral bagpipes.
Kevin is a facebook pal
the devil is his avatar.
Imagine my delight to find
that Satan plays the bagpipes!